FRIDAY AUGUST 4, 2023 10:15 PM

The Funniest Show You’ll Experience During Magic Week!!!!!!!!

David McCreary has been performing comedy and magic since he was twenty years old. Yes, while his friends were all in college or beginning respectable careers, David was learning magic tricks. Think about that. For over thirty years now, David (a full grown adult) has been doing magic. There’s a fine line between awesome and sad, and David has chosen to walk that line all for your enjoyment. Combining rapid-fire quick wit and unbelievable sleight of hand, David will have you scratching your head one moment and holding your sides from laughter the next. David takes pride in performing magic that’s not “cheesy,” but magic you’ll be talking about for weeks and months to come. Otherwise, he has completely wasted his entire adult life.

A must see show!

Limited seating is available

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